Spotting Errors on Noun DPP-I

 1. One of her firmest (A) belief was

that her friend shouted at her with

(B) a view to making her aware of

her repeated lapses. (C)No


2. In one of the first conversation (A)

she informed me that she (B) had

lost her husband in a bus

accident (C)No Error(D)

3. All the girls students of the (A)

college are (B) advised to sit in

the Girls’s Common Room. (C)No


4. The majority of the woman (A)

teachers are persuading (B) the

principal to consider their

demands. (C)No Error(D)

5. It is harmful to take cupsful (A) of

tea five times (B) a day. (C)No


6. In the last elections (A) the

electorates’ (B) disinterestedness

puzzled the politicians very much.

(C)No Error(D)

7. The present datas show (A) that

the illiteracy rate in India has

fallen (B) down but not to the

level of expectation. (C)No


8. He said that he always (A) kept in

his pocket (B) a bundle of one

hundred rupees notes. (C)No


9. Running a five stars hotel (A)

needs much more money (B)

than what we have in our

account. (C)No Error(D)

10. He gave me two important (A)

information I had been waiting

(B) for the previous two months.

(C)No Error(D)

11. Your advices are the proof of

(A) your discriminating (B) mind

and pragmatic approach. (C)No


12. An earthquake is a natural (A)

phenomenon and nobody (B)

can check it, be sure. (C)No


13. The class teacher gave(A) him

a home work and (B) instructed

him to do it at night. (C)No


14. I saw only five police (A) who

were running (B) after the bank-

robbers. (C)No Error(D)

15. The sheafs of the (A) wheet-

plants were too heavy (B) for me

to carry on head. (C)No Error(D)

16. All the Cheifs Ministers(A) are

responsible for (B) the pitiable

condition of their states. (C)No


17. After he had delivered(A) the

speech, he said that he said that

he hoped (B) to be conspicuously 

understood and forgiven for any

lapse. (C)No Error(D)

18. He says that a two-miles walk

(A) always keeps him (B) healthy

and fresh. (C)No Error(D)

19. The haves should not look(A)

scornfully at the haves not, rather

they should try (B) to encourage

them to work hard and earn their

livelihood. (C)No Error(D)

20. “Language consists of several

(A) stratums”, said a linguist in his

lecture on (B) Language and

Linguistic. (C)No Error(D)

21. All his sister-in-laws are

extremely(A) beautiful to look at

so the question (B) of selection is

very puzzling (C)No Error(D)

22. The bretherns of his locality (A)

are always at dagger drawn (B)

without any apparent reason.

(C)No Error(D)

23. The wall of this magnificent (A)

building is fifty foot high (B) and its

paintings are very striking. (C)No


24. “The headquarter of the (A)

Army is in Delhi”,it’s really very (B)

surprising that you do not know

even this fact. (C)No Error(D)

25. If a student needs advice (A)

about careers, he should (B)

consult the careers officer. (C)No


26. You know it well that your

success in life depends not on my

advice but on somebody else.

(C)No Error(D)

27. He informed me that he

had gone to one of the

Minister’s residences and

stayed there all night.

(C)No Error(D)

28. The building’s roof needs

repairing otherwise it may fall

down and result into many

person’s death. (C)No Error(D)

29. I visited John’s and Mary’

house twice but found the

couple absent. (C)No Error(D)

30. A ton’s weight is too heavy for

anyone to carry on his head.

(C)No Error(D)

31. I stopped his going out late at

night because the situation in the

town was very tense. (C)No


32. He did not approve of his son

raising stupid questions and

thereby vexing the teacher.

(C)No Error(D)

33. America’s problem are,

however, not so serious and

awful as India. (C)No Error(D)

34. Your tone of speaking as

well as your friends is

really extremely sarcastic yet

we never take it. seriously.

(C)No Error(D)

35. The Finance Minister boasts of

improving the economic

condition of the country’s. (C)No


36. The life of the rich is not in many

ways as peace- ful as that of

the poor’s. (C)No Error(D)

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